A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

“Seven Days without Exercise Makes One Weak”

With distractions present in every person’s life, it may be hard to balance between work, social life, mental and physical health, and family. However, it’s not impossible! Break each part down and begin with the most important aspect of life: HEALTH. How does one expect to live to their highest potential if they’re not healthy?

Treat your life with the best you’ve got because you only have one life. No, it’s not all about going to the gym or eating salads every once in a while. It’s about the simple things. Get a good night’s sleep, go outdoors and breathe the fresh air, laugh and joke around with friends and family, eat moderately, and smile, even on your worst days. It’s all about keeping your mental and physical health in check.

Click the link below to learn a few tips in leading a healthy lifestyle:


Just Do HIIT!

First time trying out a HIIT class? Or having trouble with catching up with your HIIT workout instructor? Check out the article in the link posted below to read tips for HIIT classes!

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and just by looking at its name, you can tell that this workout requires blood, sweat, and tears during the process. Each invigorating set in HIIT will be timed and done in short bursts, therefore leaving less time for breaks in-between. So, if you’re just starting out, don’t be pressured to go all out. Take a few baby steps and then gradually go up from there. And as you level-up, don’t forget to take alternate days off to let your body recover. 

Eat Well To Be Well

Where do our bodies get most of the nutrition from? Food! Whether it’s junk food or healthy food, it will both have its effects on our health. It is good to have daily workout routine, or to go to the gym every week, but if you’re not eating right, those exercises will go to waste. Although OCC has many activities and classes to offer, people shouldn’t forget that nutrition through a healthy diet is also a major part for these kinds of activities. Exercising without a proper diet may not be as beneficial to you than if you actually ate the appropriate meals for your body. You need to watch what you consume so that it would benefit you in the long run. Click the link to learn about the different “superfoods” and how it helps with your body. 


The Black Belt

Cebu OCC also holds classes for martial arts. Experiencing and learning martial would be handy not only to young children, but adults too. It can be useful for many different purposes such as self-defense, boosting self-confidence, improving overall health, and for reaching out to a new community. This serves as a workout to increase strength and agility but also a way of training people to learn how to defend themselves in dangerous real-life situations, to keep them active and well-rounded, and to make more connections with other people in the community.



This article talks about the various benefits of obstacle course racing, just like the Spartan Race in Cebu OCC. People can use it to strengthen their muscles, it’s good for their hearts, uses all muscles to perform the obstacle course, it helps improve brain functions, boosts their immune system, and use it as a way to meet new people and make new connections. The difference with obstacle course races and regular races/workouts is that you need to strategize and think critically but also quickly to go through each obstacle in order to complete it. It does not only help to improve your physical health but also your cognitive health. Having the Cebu Obstacle Course Camp in the city surely can encourage more people to get into the world of fitness and promote wellness to the community.